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Welcome to Precise Machining! Your source for Custom Machine Parts With the technological advances we’ve achieved in the modern time, machines are now continuously being used and developed to further enhance both flexibility and productivity of man. Production has certainly come a long way from the era when everything was done manually. Amongst these ground-breaking equipment is the CNC machine which is programmed to automatically carry out a series of operations in a shorter period of time. However, several other companies have emerged, making it difficult now to recognize which are reliable and efficient. With over 32 years of operating experience, Precise Machining has evolved to become a leading CNC machine shop. We provide CNC turning and milling and supply both prototype and production machined parts to a broad cross section of industries such as the computer defense and medical industries. We do not simply work to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry, but we strive to continuously provide quality products that set the standards, performing tasks in better and more efficient ways. We understand your goal of providing excellent products and services to your own customers, which is why, at Precise Machining; we answer to your every custom machinery requirements. When you require immediate support, we are always glad to help and get you back on track. As we always say, “If you can engineer it, we can machine it.” Medical Industry Oil Industry Semi Conductor Prototype & Production Commercial & Residential CNC Turning Welding Manual Machining & Tool Support Quality Assurance Finishing & Assembly Department [read more]

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