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1014 Trinity Road, Raleigh, NC, 27607, US

Phone: (919) 851-9519

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Weatherspoon Automotive is Raleigh, North Carolina’s premier automotive repair shop. If you are looking for the top car repair in Raleigh, North Carolina, then you have found the right place. We work on all makes and models of vehicles – Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Nissan, Ford, Range Rover, or Subaru, and countless others. We also work on domestic models like Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler. We pride ourselves in understanding cutting-edge technology to work on the cars that come through our auto repair shop. Weatherspoon Automotive blends the technical challenges of repairing so many different vehicles with the unique demands of top-notch customer service.

Brake repair along with tire rotation are other services that need to be done on a regular basis. All of these things can be done at this shop no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Other types of services that are provided are engine repair, timing belts, water pumps, radiator repair, and transmission repair, among others. Finding one repair shop that will complete all of these services for your vehicle is beneficial to you.
Other than the services that are offered for your vehicle, it is beneficial to have good customer service as well. Good customer service will help to bring you back to the same shop whenever you need service on your vehicle.


Our family had been using Ray Weatherspoon automotive for at least 14 years. Ray has always been honest with his assessment of the work that needs to be done, fair with his pricing, and has met every commitment he has ever provided us. My now grown kids use him for their cars, because I have used him for so long. Simply an honest mechanic that, hands down, beats ever going to the dealer for work. Highly recommended

— -Mike H.

Ray is the best - seriously. I was in Raleigh for the day, and needed to get back to Charlotte. My 4WD vehicle had some serious vibration whenever I'd get above 50mph, and suspected the U-joint. I literally pulled into the first place that showed up on the map (Ray's), and Ray had it up on a lift in no time, took off the front driveshaft, took it for a drive using the rear driveshaft, no vibration, so we knew it was the front U-joint. Problem solved in record time. Ray was super helpful, quick, and understanding as I had a family event that I had to get back to in time. Thank you, Ray!

— -Mike D.

Weatherspoon very reasonable understands you and your Automotive needs.

— -Danny W.

Ray is SO nice. Our car broke down on the way to the beach and he worked us in as soon as we got there and got us back on the road. He saved our vacation! AND gave us a discount! Weatherspoon is a lifesaver.

— -Julie P.

Ray is a great guy, honest up and front. Members of our household have been going to him for years.

— -Kelly P.

I needed my van fixed, now. Got it done on time and I made my appointment. Car needed a new starter motor.
Ray keeps this 2001 Dodge on the road. Highly recommended.

— -Bobby P.

The owner made an exception to help a pregnant woman who was having contractions and had a flat tire. Thank you for going the extra mile. Greatly appreciated!

— -Cherisse K.

Fixed my car. Honest mechanic. In and out without any switch bait issues. Back to my life. Great!!

— -Jess V.

Ray is hands down the BEST mechanic in the world!! Super nice guy and works hard around the clock to get your car fixed. This is my third vehicle I’ve taken to him and also got my husband and his family going there too.

He is like family and I trust him with any car.

— -Kierstan D.

Hands down the best place to go!! Made me feel like family!! And went above and beyond to make sure I had all the parts that I needed and got them right away!! 10/10!!

— -Whitney A.

I was very lucky to find him. I've been dealing with mechanics most of my life and I found Ray to be very upfront and fair. I felt very good leaving my car in his hands. I will be back.

— -Cynthia W.

The best in the Raleigh/Cary area. I don't trust anyone else with my vehicles.

— -Cutler R.

I trust Ray and his guys with all my family's car repair needs. He was recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad I went to him. He knows his stuff and is extremely trustworthy. I've had dealerships and other shops try to take advantage of me in the past but never with Ray. I can't recommend him enough. His work ethic and service is top notch and will work with you whatever your need is! Super nice guy!

— -Ashwin G.

Honest and upfront. Never felt shady or gave me a reason to doubt. Does research to find the right answer if they aren't sure. If they don't know they'll tell you that. They won't bs you. Quality and customer service. Great mechanic.

— -Stephen P.

We have been going to Ray's shop for years and will not go anywhere else. He is very trustworthy and does great work.

— -Gail B.

I too have had the privilege of knowing and being a Customer of Ray’s for a long time(20+ years). He is outstanding as a mechanic and in placing great value in Customer satisfaction. His quality work is priced low and when I try to tip him, he turns it down. He is always hands-on and passionate about his work. (A couple times when dropping my car off late at night, I have found Ray still in his shop, working on race cars as a hobby!) We all look for exceptional people in the services industries; whether it be home repair, doctors, dentists, landscapers, auto mechanics, etc.. More than any specialist in any field, I recommend Ray in anything automotive. He is that good.

— -Curt F.

We bought a used car and got concerned about something the car was doing. It was the last day we could return the car and cancel the sale. We called Ray at the last minute to see if he would test drive the car and give us his opinion. Despite the fact that he was swamped, he test drove the car for us. He explained what we were feeling. Luckily everything was okay. He was extremely nice, and earned a new customer!

— -Maggie M.

For the past couple years I have searched for a trustworthy and reliable mechanic. I recently was referred to Ray from a friend and have not been disappointed yet. He has been competitively priced, prompt, and honest with me. After several bad experiences with dealership service departments its a relief to work with Ray. He always answers when I call and is very quick to repair my vehicles. I would recommend him to anyone.

— -Max H.

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