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606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, TX 78212, San Antonio, TX, 78212, US

Phone: (210) 227-2683

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Our philosophy is:


This is obviously true of the food we serve, but it goes deeper than that. We buy locally, not just because it provides you with fresher, healthier food, but also because it makes for a healthier community. Buying local means we are supporting our neighbors, our friends, people we develop relationships with. We don’t have to wonder about where our food came from, we have shaken the hands of the people who grew or raised it.

And, we do know those growers well! We choose them because they share our values of raising food in a sustainable way that causes the least harm to the environment. Animals are grass-fed and raised without hormones. Most of our produce is grown organically, some of it right here at The Cove in our kitchen garden!

We don’t stop at food. We now have almost 60 Texas-brewed beers on tap in our Texas Beer Garden! When you come to The Cove and enjoy one of these great beers, you are supporting a local craftsperson, someone who has lovingly and with care created the particular brew you have chosen. You are not just having a great time out with friends and family, you are supporting the local economy, in a very direct way.

The bottom line is we are all about celebrating Texas and all it has to offer, by supporting our local ranchers, farmers and craftspeople.

Eat Well, Live Well, at The Cove


I wanna say this place is one of the coolest places I've visited in San Antonio. As I washed my clothes and waited I ate good food drank a beer listened to some good music and enjoyed myself greatly. You can also wash your car here too. Organic food and drinks was awesome. Thanks for the experience clove. Jennifer mendoza

— Anonymous

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