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6004 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX, 76117, US

Phone: (817) 834-9894

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Fast Bail Bonding Services Since 1977
You can get bail bonds 24/7 from Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds of Fort Worth, TX. You can count on us to help you get your loved out of jail with dependable bail bonding services. Notary services are available. We can complete our services on the same day.
Trust us for exceptional bail bond services at competitive prices. For specific information about any of our bail bonds, please fill out our forms.
Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonding Services has been helping individuals and families in Tarrant County, TX and Fort Worth, TX with the bail bonds they have needed for over 35 years. We provide bail bonds services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have peace of mind knowing we will be right there when you need us. Our goal is to secure your release as quickly and easily as possible so you can be with your loved ones again.

Gladly returns collateral once all commitments have been kept - qualifying collateral includes guns, vehicles with titles, boats, and airplanes
Posts all types of bonds anywhere in the U.S. - county, city, non-arrest, appeal, federal, traffic, J.P., and out-of-county
Provides a client liaison at the criminal courthouse on a daily basis
Accepts bonds of any amount
Bonds all tickets and lifts all warrants
Always provides a fully staffed office
No charge for parking
Accepts most credit cards


Known Ronnie Long at least 30 year's, good firm, honest, fair.

— -John R.

I had an amazing experience with Ronnie Long. He helped me with my son's issue promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend!

— -Julie B.

They're awesome! So nice, very fast & just amazing. I will never use another bail bonds then them. Thank you :)

— -Chelsie L.

Great place, good people

— -John C.

They work fast

— -Cindy R.

Extremely professional and responsive. Helped us with a tough spot. Thanks to Stephen Zuniga!

— -Joe C.

Mr. Long is very knowledgeable in the bonding industry. He has been in business longer than most. His daughter and Steven are awesome to work with. This company is one you can trust.

— -Sherry R.

Very friendly.. I paid an was told to bring the person back to get his info.. boom.. what else can you ask for when trying to help some one out when you don't know all their info.

— -Joshua Z.

Definitely the go to guys

— -Rebecca J.

First time I used a bail bonds men

— -Royce F.

The besttttt

— -Felisita A.

Nice place

— -Abel B.

always helpful !

— -Marina A.

I had to bail out my son. The whole process from the minute I drove up and left was about 5 minutes. I was thankful because I was fighting back tears due to the situation already. They were friendly and very professional, a couple of hours later, my son was free on bond.

— -Roxanne J.


— -Melissa K.

Excellent service

— -Janice A.

Good guys.

— -Loyd M.

fast quick and efficient. friendly and very helpful you can do everything online! made life way easier. I had a ton of questions they answered them without getting annoyed. they also have fair prices.

— -Rachle A.

A+++fast and friendly service I highly recommend!!

— -Robert T.

I have had to use this service more than once for a family member. The staff is always extremely professional and get things done quickly and efficiently. They explain the process and let you know what's going on. I would recommend this service to anyone in need.

— -M.L.K.G

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