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6030 East 23rd Avenue, Denver, CO, 80207, US

Phone: (303) 333-7960

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Kearney Garage is a family owned business that has been at this location for over thirty plus years. We have built a reputation for honest, professional, guaranteed car care in northeast Denver. As owners and operators of Kearney Garage, we hope you will give us an opportunity to provide any service your automobile may require.

Our Services Include:
Oil Changes
Belts & Hoses
Air Conditioning Repair- Air Filter & Cooling Systems
Alternator Repair
Diesel Engine Service & Repair
Four Wheel Drive System
Flat Repair
Fluid Inspection
& More....

We are happy to serve you.


Very helpful, informative & patient. I've taken my car to many places and I trust this one the most. Good work done here.

— -Nathan W.

Took my car to the dealer ship since it was under warranty. They told me it wasn’t covered, even after I showed them where it was. Took my car to Kearney they got it in same day and repaired it for $600 less than the dealer quoted. Works like a charm. Great local shop!

— -Michael N.

I probably should have submitted this review about four months ago, but better late than never, right? Right before Thanksgiving, the alternator in my Corolla went out. I took my vehicle to Kearney, and they got my alternator replaced and my car back to me before the holiday, which was fantastic. Fast forward to March: I was on a short vacation in New Mexico, and the alternator they had installed went bad. Since a 400 mile tow back home would have been crazy, I had to find a shop to do the work in Santa Fe. Now back home in Denver, today I returned to Kearney with my receipt for the new alternator and labor as well as the core and they wrote me a check on the spot to reimburse me. I would recommend Kearney on promptness of service alone. They made the process very easy for me, and when you get stranded out of state with car troubles, stress levels rise in a hurry. Understanding that there is always potential for an auto part to be a dud - something that is beyond the control of the garage - peace of mind that you'll be taken care of is a priority. I hope to keep my Corolla on the road for several more years, but it's nice to know that I can count on Kearney if I have a problem.

— -Curt S.

Everyone here is so friendly! They definitely have your best interests in mind and are very honest. I came here to have a front license plate drilled into a vehicle and was very pleased with the experience. I will come here for all of my car needs. Amazing.

— -Brittany S.

Excellent experience! Overall the staff was extremely professional. Thank you! Keep it up!

— -Matthew D.

Very clean, good service. Really friendly and accommodating staff.

— -Martha P.

You guys are amazing you helped my brother and my whole family you go racing with us and I'm learning a lot from you. Like I'm learning what all the parts in the race car and wiring.

— Tyler H.

First time here and I had a great experience! The staff were very friendly and I was in and out without any unnecessary charges whatsoever. I would definitely come back here!

— -Megan L.

Kearney Garage is so amazing I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been going to them for a couple years now and have always had a great experience with them. Their location isn’t the most convenient for me, so I have tried other places and really regretted it. This time I tried getting my car serviced at Audi, only for them to break a part in my car and not tell me. So I obviously brought it to Kearney immediately and they not only fixed it for me for a great price but also did everything they could to help me make sure Audi lasts for the damages! Alex and Anthony are just amazing and dealt with my obnoxious repeated calls with only kindness and patience. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

— -Kelleyanne B.

My son had an urgent issues with his oil pan, and these guys got him in on the spot and made a rough situation turn around for the best! THANK YOU to Alex/team for your great work and wonderful attitude!!

— -Elisa R.

You guys saved my wallet and my truck it would have been fairly simple for you guys to easily take advantage of me and say that I had a blown head gasket or two but instead you guys took the ethical route and pointed out that my coolant was set up for a much warmer environment thanks for the coolant flush the truck runs amazing I couldn't be happier I will be using you guys in the future

— -T. D.

Nice people, excellent service! Extremely professional!

— -Jean R.

Kearney Garage is one of the most honest auto repair places I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I had blown out the fuse on my Honda CR-V's cigarette lighter outlet, and I figured at least $100 to fix the outlet. I showed up, in the morning, fully expecting to leave my car for the whole day. They immediately replaced the fuse. There was no charge for either part or labor! Unbelievable! I will absolutely be returning to Kearney Garage, and I live in SE Denver!

— -Jonathan C.

This place does an excellent job at figuring out what is wrong, conveying how they're going to proceed, and then fixing it. I am grateful to live so close to them. The owner is a true master mechanic who seems to care about the neighborhood he works in. The employees are very polite and courteous. I hate the fact that I need repairs done but at least Kerney is around to help

— -Chris B.

Very clean, good service. Really friendly and accommodating staff.

— Nayy T.

These guys are great.

— -Martin D.

Had an odd request for the shop. Was welcomed by the ownership and other seasoned techs with the highest customer service. Solved my issue quickly and got me in and out of the shop before 8am. Highly recommend if you need service work done - they had a plethora of different vehicles on their lifts so They work foreign and domestic. Was told they’ve been there for 30 years. Thanks Guy and team!

— -Dylan B.

Cant say enough about this team of professionals that take care of their customers through and through. I seen and experienced it first hand with their great experience and top level techs making sure the customer and their needs are met. Very reputable in the historic area of Park Hill, but also throughout the metro area. From ownership and staff to techs A1 all across the board. I will defiantly recommend this service shop to any one i come across. The young man that did the parts driver there, was best there was too!! ;)

— -Adam G.

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