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6719 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX, 78752, US

Phone: (512) 798-3621

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Welcome to Austin DNA Barbershop, Austin's very own authentic, old-fashioned barbershop.

Austin DNA Barbershop is owned and operated by David Rey who provides classic men's and boy’s services including all types of haircuts, shaves, and grooming consults.

This is not your typical in and out type of barbershop. It is designed to serve our community for all men and boys, fathers and sons. We look forward to serving you better with our customer oriented first class service!

Coffee, beverages, and candy are available while waiting in our comfortable waiting areas. Special gifts are given to our well behaved children. We have HD flat screen TV's so you won’t miss your favorite game or show during your haircut or shave.

We'll treat you like a king or a prince and send you out feeling like a million bucks!


Austin DNA Barbershop is definitely the best place I have ever gotten a haircut from! David is a very talented barber he provides exceptional customer service and he really has a vision for what haircut would look best on you. I don't know whether the hot towel on my neck or the warm razor shave are my favorite. I also enjoy the complimentary shoulder massage after the haircut and snacks and beverages before. However, ultimately the reason I keep going back to David is for his awesome haircuts, he provides such an exceptional service that my entire office goes to him now.

— Louis A.

Best barbershop in town. Been to all the local spots (Boardroom, Finley’s, Tune up, etc..) and this is hands down the best. David actually takes the time to give you personalized consultation then backs it up with an amazing haircut/beard trim. Best prices, service, and pretty good jokes too! Highly recommended.

— Andrew V.

I've been looking for a barbershop for a long time in Austin TX, and David made me feel right at home. Knowing I can always rely on him for a fresh and clean cut. AND A Perfectionist at cutting BEARDS! HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID.

— Jesse V.

Customer service and being a good person is something that can make or break a business. David brings this dynamic on top of giving a great haircut. The environment he has created in his shop is the most impressive i’ve seen, making you feel at home. Highly recommended!

— Brian G.

This place is down right dope! David is a genius. The ambiance is very homey and puts you to ease. The cost for the service is fair. The service is exceptional! You can wait,watch TV and just chill. I highly highly recommend this place. It's a fairly new business. There's usually plenty of parking as well. You can get hair cut, shave etc.

— S. Paul

Locally owned. Exquisite environment and the product is even better. Barber John provides top of the line service. Only knock would be you have to book appointments in advance or you will have to wait in their fully stocked lounge area

— David E.

Just started coming here 2 months ago, they hooked it up and made me look sharp for my wedding, now I'm not going anywhere else. Locally owned. The guys in there David and John are great, friendly and professional. It's clean, smells nice, great atmosphere and their attention to detail is superb.

— K. Davis

Have been looking for a place like this for a long time. David has been my barber for a year now and all of his cuts and shaves have been very high quality. The new location has a relaxing atmosphere with food, coffee, and a game room for the kids. Best barbershop in town.

— A. Potter

New to Austin? Need a barber? Austin DNA Barbershop is your place to go. Been in Austin? Want a barbering change? Austin DNA Barbershop is your place to go. David is your barber and his courteous customer service and mastery of barbering is your reason to want to go. And, the old school barbershop atmosphere that you'll enter is a welcome added bonus!

— Gary L.

Such a great barbershop! Warm, comfortable atmosphere. I always get a superior hair cut and beard trim. I recommend it to all my friends and coworkers!

— Mark H.

I moved to Austin a year and a half ago, and after trying 4 different shops and half a dozen barbers I have finally found my forever barber! David is truly intuitive with his cuts and (somehow) knew what I wanted before I even explained it to him. I walked out of the barbershop feeling fully satisfied for the first time in forEVER and have already gotten several "hey, I like your new haircut" compliments from friends. This guy is cool, knows his stuff, and is obviously passionate about making you look awesome.

— Zachary W.

Went into the shop for the first time today as I am working out of town and have been looking for a barber while on the road. Well, I found it. Brando gave me an amazing haircut and got my beard looking great. His attention to detail is top notch. He left not one hair out of place. The shop is very inviting. You will stay busy looking at all of David's decor. You can tell alot of thought went into the shop.

— T. Smith

I travel a lot for work and end up getting haircuts all around the country. I feel pretty comfortable saying this was the best all-around experience I have ever had getting my hair cut. 11/10 would recommend.

— J. Sutherland

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