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So what is the big news? The AssuredPlan™ covers mechanical failures as well as accidental damage. Now that is a "real advantage" over all companies that sell Apple, Chromebook or PC Computer or PC Laptop Tablet warranties or companies that sell insurance. Unlike an insurance company, we actually fix the device in over 95% of the cases where a repair is required. Customers have said things like, "The AssuredPlan is a smart recycle plan allowing users to get more years out of the same device."

Our team has over 20 years of experience managing Apple products and other computer service plans. Experience our repair and service excellence. We specialize in small and large K-12 school districts as well as Amazon customers, government, hospital, small business, the general Public and corporate environments. Let your environment be the next to experience our amazing repair-or-replacement plans. Get a quote now, and then let's get started.

AssuredPlan™ Service & Repair Warranty....
The Easy Way To Satisfy Your Mechanical and Damage Warranty Requirements
Join The New Age of Recycling
Start a New Plan Today or Extend Your Current Warranty or Insurance Plan today.


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