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Corpus Christi - We meet corporately over lunch on the 4th Thursday of each month for "Spheres of Influence Workshops" For more information, call us at the phone number listed below:

Phone: 361-563-9939



As the Christian Community, we influence the cultural values in all sectors of society, whether it be Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Faith, Family, Government, or Media.

ALLIANCE for BIBLICAL CULTURE is a vested interest group within the Christian Community influencing cultural values by providing a venue and resources for practicing Christians to collaborate, cultivate, and incorporate biblical principles in their personal, public, and professional lives.


Activate – make active, cause to function, or set in motion
Biblical Principles – fundamental truths expressed in the bible that form the basis of one’s beliefs and actions.
Christian Community – Holy Spirit filled and led believers in Jesus in general.
Collaborate – To work together cooperatively.
Cultivate – To promote the growth or development of
Cultural Values – The commonly held standards of what is acceptable or unacceptable, important or unimportant, right or wrong, workable or unworkable, etc., in a community or society.
Equip – furnish or provide with whatever is needed for activation
Incorporate – unite or merge something
Influence – the ability to make change without coercion.
Personal Life – Aspect of an individual’s life which is considered private including choices, lifestyle, and relationships.
Practicing Christian – Holy Spirit filled and led believer in Jesus that is actively pursuing a personal relationship with God.
Professional Life – Aspect of an individual’s life which is considered vocational.
Public Life – Aspect of an individual’s life which is obvious or open to all including choices, lifestyle, and social relationships.
Resource – That which is available for use, support, or help.
Sectors of Society – Subsets within the general structure of society.
Society – The totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals:
Venue – A scene or setting in which something takes place.
Vested Interest Group – a group of persons committed to a common identifying interest that provides a basis for action.


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